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  • PE, PP Cores
  • PE, PP Cores
  • PE, PP Cores
  • PE, PP Cores
  • PE, PP Cores
  • PE, PP Cores

1 Inch 1.5 Inch 2 Inch 3 Inch 6 Inch PP PE Polyethylene Polypropylene extrusion packaging plastic core tube pipe

Product Overview
Common specifications for PE, PP, PVC series plastic cores Units of measurement :mm

Core's inner diameter
plus-minus tolerance(id)
Core's outer diameter

Conventional width
1Φ20&25.4+0.3,-0.325.4&312.7According to customer needs

2Φ25.6+0.2,-0.229.5&31.8&32.32/3.2same as above
3Φ26+0.2,- as above
4Φ32+0.2,-0.236&37.52/2.5same as above
5Φ32.5&35+0.2,-0.238.5&39.52.3/3same as above
6Φ32&35+0.2,-0.240&41.32.5/4same as above
7Φ38+0.2,-0.242.5&442.2/3same as above
8Φ38+0.2,-0.245.3&473.6/4.5same as above
9Φ40&45+0.2,-0.249.5&534/4.7same as above
10Φ50&53+0.2,-0.258.5&59.53.2/4.2same as above
11Φ66&70+0.5,-074.2&75.22&4.6same as above
12Φ66&70+0.3,-0.276.42&4.6same as above
1.7/2/2.3/2.5/3/4/4.5same as above
5/6/7/8/12/17same as above
15Φ90+0.5,-0.51005same as above
16Φ101+0.5,-0.51105same as above
17Φ102+0.5,-0.61116same as above
18Φ153+0.8,-0.81635same as above
19Φ153+0.8,-0.81677same as above
20Φ153+0.8,-0.817310same as above
21Φ154+0.8,-0.81634.5same as above
PVC cores
Φ25.6+0.3,-0.3323.1same as above
PVC cores
Φ63+0.3,-0.3724.7same as above
PVC coresΦ76.8+0.5,-0.5843.7same as above
PVC cores
Φ76.8+0.5,-0.5854same as above
PVC cores
Φ76.8+0.3,-0.3906.7same as above
PVC cores
Φ78+0.3,-0.3906same as above
PVC cores
Φ77.3+0.3,-0.3937.6same as above

Plastic tube core printing

To meet the demand for high-end products, we have also invested in state-of-the-art equipment for inner wall printing of core tubes. We can print various kinds of patterns and company logos based on customers’ requirements and designs. The clear and high-definition printing will not only visually improve the product quality but also enhance customers’ brand image.